2021 Commercial Exhibitor Form

*Lee Community Center Indoor Booths Only*

Notice: Do not start this online form unless you have already filled out the ST19 Operator Certificate of Compliance form. You will be required to upload your completed ST19 form below.

This agreement is made and entered into between the name of person or business referred to as "Exhibitor" and the Stevens County Fair, referred to as "Sponsor". 


1. No machine or device will be operated in a manner which will interfere with other exhibitors or the enjoyment of the public by reason of high noise level, safety hazard, or in any other way. Noise levels over 85 DB at 6 feet are not allowed indoors. Any booth admitting heat exhaust must use methods to get at least 80% of the heat exhaust out of the building. Exhibitors must stay within booth area, no minors will be allowed to engage in any type of survey or test without parental consent. No photos of minors in booths without parental consent. Any booth may be asked to leave by the Fairboard if complaints from other booths or other reasons without refund.

2. Exhibitor will indemnify and hold harmless the "Sponsor" from any and all actions, suits, claims, payment, cost, damages and expenses, including, w/o limiting to fore going, the expense or defense of any suits or claims which may be brought or made against the said sponsor jointly or severally, for which they or any of them may pay, sustain or incur by reason which they or any of them may pay, sustain or incur by reason of the use of the exhibit space at the Stevens County Fair.

3. Payment for display space, inside spots start at 10 ft for $120.00 and each additional ft over 10 ft is $12 per foot in 2ft increments. Payment must accompany this agreement. Payment will not be subject to refund after August 1st.

4. Inside Booths sizes are 10 ft. wide ($120.00) but may be larger by 2ft increments on outside walls only. Please specify the number of feet you desire. Please mark your 1st choice below; we will try to honor your request. (We will try to give you your requested location but if you checked out early last year, others come first.)

5. Exhibitor is responsible for all their own set-up materials. Electric is provided for all inside booths but bring a cord (50ft.)

6. Due to limited parking around the exhibit building and for the convenience of all, we ask you to limit free exhibitor parking to one unit per booth in the exhibitor parking on the north end of the Lee Community Center and extra units use street parking or the free parking lot on the South end of the grounds at Gate #5. Parking is on a first come first served in all parking areas.

7. A commitment for exhibit space will be made only if space is available and this agreement is returned timely. There will be a late fee of $5.00 if this form is returned after August 1 and $10 late fee the week of the fair. See additional forms for set up times of indoor booths on Thursday and the 8:00 pm Sunday checkout.

Exhibitor Information

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This agreement must be signed by an officer of the business, or by the owner of the participating dealership responsible for the display. ST19 form MUST be completely filled out whether you are making sales or not! Incomplete forms will be sent back and this may jeopardize you securing booth space.

I have read and understand the exhibitor conditions above. I agree to take full responsibility for my site and the actions of persons using it. I agree to release the Stevens County Fair (Stevens County Agricultural Society) from any liability for accidents or injuries to persons or property.



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